Chip & Joanna Gaines Reveal the Real Reason They Are Ending ‘Fixer Upper’

Chip & Joanna Gaines Reveal the Real Reason They Are Ending ‘Fixer Upper’

Weeks after announcing that “Fixer Upper” will end after the fifth season, Chip and Joanna Gaines explained why they are pulling the plug!

Joanna told People magazine, "We gave everything we had to this show — the beautiful homes and those sweet families — but this just felt like the right time to catch our breath for a bit."

Along with raising their four kids, Chip and Joanna had to find time for their show, which shoots for 11 months each year, and manage their company Magnolia Market, which employs 500 people. Of their packed production schedule, Chip said, "Nobody told us that that was unique. Nobody told us that that was a little bit irrational.”

He pointed out that their kids had an impact on their decision, saying, "They would ask, ‘Mom and Dad, do you guys have to film again today? When is this going to be over?'” Joanna added, "The kids were so young when we started. Fast-forward to today and our oldest is almost a teenager — they’re all growing up so quickly.”

Just before announcing the end of “Fixer Upper,” Chip and Joanna faced split rumors, which they say didn’t play a role in their decision. They said they are as strong as ever as a couple, explaining, "We would rather stop here, where we still feel we’re in a really good place.”

Chip went on, "We have the chance to regroup and refresh and find out in two years; thank God we stopped and gave each other time and energy and loved our family more than we would’ve had the resources to do otherwise. Hopefully that will pay dividends down the road.”

Of their future without “Fixer Upper,” Joanna shared, "We really want to focus on this break and take a step back to let this all soak in. Regardless of what the future holds, we are hopeful for what God has for us and our family in this next season.”