'Empire' Cast Gives the Scoop on Season 4!

'Empire' Cast Gives the Scoop on Season 4!

On Sunday, it was an “Empire” celebration as the entire cast turned out to celebrate the new season in New York. “Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with all the stars, getting secrets and spoilers ahead of the highly anticipated Season 4 kickoff Wednesday!

The season finale ended with a cliffhanger, with the Lyon family once again at a crossroads!

Taraji P. Henson dished on Cookie taking over, saying, “Taking over the empire, ya know, be careful what you ask for! She wanted her company back, she got it, now she has to run it. Most importantly, the relationship and the dynamic between the family now that Lucious is not himself, you get to see a softer side of him, we get to see the angel — 'cause he’s the devil, Lucious.”

Cookie is going toe-to-toe with Lucious' mom, played by Phylicia Rashad, who Taraji says she loved working with, gushing, “It is delicious! She's so challenging. She challenges me and I love it; I look forward to our scenes together.”

Demi Moore and her real-life daughter, Rumer, are also working together on the show. Demi shared, “It is a nighttime soap opera, and it is all about having fun, 'cause truly anything is possible on 'Empire' 'cause they make up their own rules… and we're getting time together, too, which is the best part.” Rumer even let Demi crash at her Chicago pad... but on the smaller bed! Rumer smiled, saying, “I’m around all season. I got to set myself up in Chicago.”

Demi is the one responsible for Rumer’s starring role, explaining, “I kept saying to Lee [Daniels], 'She’s the perfect fit for your show, she’s the right fit for your show.' I hit him up literally at the Sunset Tower restaurant, 'You gotta get my kid on the show!'”

Lee chimed in, “She did, and who can say no to her? But I said yes to the daughter first.” He quipped, “Now all we need is Bruce [Willis] on the show.”

Terrence Howard chatted about Lucious' fight to get his business back after coming out of a coma, commenting, “He is just starting to remember who he is as a human being.”

Of the show’s guest star, Forest Whitaker, Terrence raved, “I have never played with someone who knew the nuances of his nature... That is just the quality of the talent we have on the show this year."