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John Legend Dishes on Luna’s Latest Milestone

John Legend Dishes on Luna’s Latest Milestone

Singer John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood and their daughter Luna is one the cutest Hollywood kids!

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with Legend on the set of a new ad for Capri Sun, where he opened up about his little girl and her mom.

Luna, 1, is learning new words every day. John dished, “She can point to another baby and say, 'Baby.'”

As for bringing another baby home, John commented, “We don’t have one on the way yet, but we would like to have some more… We’re just gonna do it one at a time, hopefully.” The Grammy winner and the supermodel are doing frequent date nights to keep their happy Hollywood marriage rock-solid. He told Renee, “You gotta have date nights, you gotta keep the romance alive.”

Legend is keeping the funny alive, pulling pranks for Capri Sun. While showing off his warrior pose and his ripped arms in "yoga clothes,” John joked, "Yes, it’s not my normal red carpet look.”

For the ad, John is pulling a hidden-camera prank on an unsuspecting mom. When she comes to yoga class, her kids are in his ear telling him what to do. He said, "Ya know, all kinds of fun things kids want to do.”