Win It! Josh Sabarra’s Hilarious New Novel ‘Enemies Closer’

Win It! Josh Sabarra’s Hilarious New Novel ‘Enemies Closer’

“Extra” is giving a copy of the book “Enemies Closer” to 5 lucky friends!

The hilarious new novel, by former studio executive and publicist Josh Sabarra, gives readers an inside look at the glamour and grit of Hollywood.

In the book, forty-ish movie studio publicist Marcee Brookes feels ordinary; she's stuck in a mid-level job, struggles to accept her size-16 figure, and dreams of a man who might look past her waistline and into her heart.

When Claire, the seemingly affable wife of screen legend Rox Madison, befriends her during a work project, Marcee's life instantly turns from drab to dazzle. She zooms into the Los Angeles fast lane with Claire's circle of glamorous pals who, until now, were merely faces on the pages of People magazine.

It isn’t long before Marcee starts to see her fantasy life unravel and gets wise to the duplicitous nature of her "clique." She quickly finds that all that glitters isn't gold, and that when Hollywood heavy-hitters give you a pat on the back, they're looking only for a place to stick the knife.

Check out our interview with Sabarra below, and pick up a copy of “Enemies Closer” here.

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