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Demi Lovato on Her 'Incredible' Road to Sobriety

Demi Lovato on Her 'Incredible' Road to Sobriety

Over the weekend, Demi Lovato was a vision in red as she was honored at the star-studded summer gala for the Brent Shapiro Foundation, which was started by famed attorney Robert Shapiro after losing his son Brent to a drug overdose.

The singer got candid about her own sobriety, telling “Extra’s” Mario Lopez, “This event means so much to me.”

While receiving the Spirit of Sobriety award, Lovato shared with Mario, “It’s kind of incredible because it's coming full circle and I came to this event six years ago and I didn’t stay sober, now getting this award six years later, I’ve had five and a half years sober since then."

Demi is looking and feeling good, and is keeping healthy with various workouts. Her latest fave workout is mixed martial arts. She pointed out, “I’m a blue belt in jujitsu.”

Of her workout regimen, Lovato revealed, “I prioritize my workouts daily except for Sunday. Sundays are my day off. I make sure that I have an hour to two hours every morning and it’s either jujitsu mixed martial arts or cardio strength training."

Demi is also working to help combat drug addiction for others, emphasizing, “It’s important that we raise awareness that drug addiction doesn’t discriminate in age. That’s why I am so open about my story — I want people to learn from my struggles so that it can prevent them from going down the same path I went.”