Kevin Hart Opens Up About Raising Funds for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Kevin Hart Opens Up About Raising Funds for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Funnyman Kevin Hart is serious about helping Texas. “Extra” was one-on-one with Hart in Las Vegas as he hosted his HartBeat Weekend 2017. He opened up about leading the celebrity charge to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey victims.

He explained, “It's simply nudging your friends to make an effort to do the same thing that you are doing... We have a platform to use our voices, and I felt that I could raise some money — and it worked.”

His friends The Rock, the Kardashians and many more have donated. “I had a lot of friends step up, a lot of friends gave, and ultimately it's all going to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.” Hart added, “I think you're giving a city hope and you're showing them how much people care.”

Kevin is also raising money for children diagnosed with cancer. His HartBeat Weekend benefits Britticares International. “I think the story of how is started and the parents’ journey to get where they are now is a unique one."

His pregnant wife, Eniko Parish, joined him for the fun-filled weekend, which Hart describes as, “From music to comedy to daytime parties to nighttime parties and events — also puts smiles on kids' faces.”

Kevin enlisted his friend Usher for some A-List support! “This guy's amazing at what he does and that's why he's here.” Don’t expect Usher and Kevin to go on tour together anytime soon, though. “I don't think it's fair for me to sing any song with that man and do any damage to any song he has.”

Kevin is hitting the road himself — he's training for a marathon this fall. “I'm excited about it," he told "Extra." "We're getting closer. Miles are getting longer, knees are getting weaker, ankles are hurting. But it's all good. It's building my body up to get ready for another goal to check off on my life list.”