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Kim Kardashian’s Surprise Confession About Her Kids

Kim Kardashian’s Surprise Confession About Her Kids

On Monday, Kim Kardashian filled in for Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” where she opened up about her children North and Saint.

While sitting next to Ryan Seacrest, Kardashian shared about North, 4, "I don't know if it's 'cause she's the older sister... I don't know what it is; I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother. It's so hard for me, and I thought it was like, 'Okay, a couple months, like, you know, she's just warming up to it.' She gets so jealous when I would breastfeed and all that kinda stuff. And now, I just — the phase isn't going away!”

As for how North is excluding Saint, Kim said, "She's like, 'We're having a tea party, Mom. No boys allowed. Dad can't come, too then,' and, like, 'No boys!' And she'll just slam the door on her brother's face, and he'll just start crying.” Watch!

Kim pointed out that Saint likes to imitate North, saying, "So if she's crying, then he'll just start fake-crying, and I'm like, 'One of you! Like, I can't pick up both of you, y'know, and figure it all out!’"

During her appearance, Kim also commented on the status of her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner, who recently released a book about their family. Kardashian said, "We don't have much of a relationship, but, you know, we're family, so I do believe that maybe this is just a phase. You know, I feel like there's been so much, like, hurt and pain with Caitlyn and my mom, and at the end of the day, like, I'll always ride for my mom. Like, she's my mom — I love her to death. And, like, y'know, I respect Kendall and Kylie and that's their dad, and it's, y'know, a crazy dynamic, and, but at the end of the day we're all family and I'm not gonna say, y'know, anything, I'm just gonna try to be super positive and hope that it all resolves itself.”

On the same day, Kim’s Interview magazine cover was released. For her debut on the magazine, Kim was joined by daughter North.

Kim appeared to be channeling legendary First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the spread, which was photographed by Steven Klein.