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Chrissy Teigen Talks Summer Travels with Baby Luna and Reflects on Jerry Lewis

 Chrissy Teigen Talks Summer Travels with Baby Luna and Reflects on Jerry Lewis

Chrissy Teigen loves to travel. The supermodel and super mom just returned home after an epic trip with husband John Legend and their daughter Luna.

Teigen sat down with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh at an event for Chase Sapphire and chatted about her travels, expanding her family, and reflecting on the death of Jerry Lewis.

Chrissy said traveling is her inspiration behind working with Chase Sapphire, “Travel and dining, I don’t think there are two other things I do more than that, besides online shopping.”

She confessed she didn't get the travel bug until she started dating John, “Traveling for me came when I met John and I started traveling with him and really seeing Paris and these places you would have never thought you would get to go to.”

Teigen shared of her family’s latest adventures, “We started off in Bali for a couple weeks, we went on a wellness retreat, one of those things I always made fun of… It was incredible, no alcohol, we basically ate vegan.” She said she really needed to recharge, “We worked out every day, did acupuncture, there were these healers, we tried meditation but we hated it.” She added there were “no phones… I read books.”

Baby Luna was with them every step of the way, “Luna was with us and she was so happy. There were monkeys everywhere. We stayed in this tree house thing, she would turn into a little monkey herself, eating exotic foods… So happy, a natural happy.”

She said that Luna, though an avid flyer, doesn’t always travel well, “So different every time… You can only plan and do the best you can… I’m the play person… When John has her it’s more about quiet time. We both have our roles and we’re good at them.”

Chrissy is already thinking about more babies, “My number has always been four, as much time as this all takes, three I would be totally happy with, four would be pushing the boundaries… Three would be really great.”

She doesn’t let her battle with postpartum depression deter her from wanting more children, “It’s not going to be worse than that and every baby is different so I almost feel like I’m not going to have it at all with the next child, but who knows I may have the worst pregnancy.”

Teigen also reflected on the sad news of the passing of Jerry Lewis today, saying she was a fan, “It’s incredible the ways these people affect so many different people, it’s hard to see especially when somebody has spent so much time making people happy.”