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DeMario Jackson Weighs In on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Premiere

DeMario Jackson Weighs In on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Premiere

“Bachelor in Paradise” had its best premiere yet last night, with 5 million watching all the drama that went down between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios!

The show kicked off with a message from Chris Harrison and then footage of Corinne and DeMario getting cozy in pool aired. The episode ended in a cliffhanger, with the cast confused as production was shut down.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with DeMario Jackson, who revealed what he thinks of how he was portrayed, “I loved it, from day one,” he said. "I've spoke my truth and what went on. It was great to see it and be able to go, ‘Oh, wow, that did happen and I was telling the truth… it was nerve-racking, the entire situation, but finally after two months, three days and some hours, the world was able to see that I am not a predatory person, that I’m not this… angry shark in the water that was trying to pounce on this drunk girl. It was the total opposite of everything.”

DeMario is watching with the rest of us as the show unfolds. He said, “I’m not nervous because I know what happened — I was there.”

Jackson saw the premiere with his dad, saying, "My dad has been my biggest supporter throughout this entire thing… I've cried on his shoulder many of nights.”

The scandal affected his whole family, he said. “It was extremely hard for my mother, my grandmother as well, my younger sister.” He added, “I’ve had teachers reach out… ex-girlfriends’ parents… like, 'Who do I need to call and let them know about your character?'”

As for why he recently sported a “show the tape” T-shirt, DeMario explained at Universal Studios Hollywood, “Everything you would see on the tape is everything I have been saying — two people in a pool having fun.”

Jackson has not spoken to Corinne since the “Bachelor in Paradise” controversy. He said, “No, I have not spoken to her since the incident. Always willing to speak, talk… I wouldn't mind it, but I’m not gonna press it, force the issue with her.”

What would he say to her? “I’m here for her, I still have love for her —we lit the summer on fire, literally.” He went on to say, “I know she is experiencing what I am experiencing. I haven’t been eating, I lost 25 pounds; it’s been a very difficult time and I feel that we share that. If she is watching… much love to you, much love to her family, I wish her the best and I hope this video can bring her some peace as well.”

Weighing in on the new rules surrounding drinking and sex on the show, Jackson commented, “It takes away a little from ‘Paradise.' It’s a bit weird… a bit awkward… They have to do what they have to do to protect the franchise, so I am all for it.”

Nowadays, he is taking things day by day and “getting back to smiling again.”

Would DeMario ever be interested in being the first black “Bachelor”? He replied, “I would be open to that.”

Of those “Dancing with the Stars” rumors, he said he would not turn down opportunity, saying, “I would love to dance to ‘Despacito’ or some Ed Sheeran… I would also prove to the world that not all black people can dance.”