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Evan Bass & Carly Waddell on Their TV Wedding, Plus: Their ‘Miracle Baby'

“Bachelor in Paradise” is back tonight, and “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with one of the success stories, married “Paradise” couple Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, at Universal Studios Hollywood before their wedding airs tomorrow night!

Happy ONE WEEK babe! I still love you! Lol❤️😍

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The couple tied the knot after falling in love on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Of what fans can expect when their nuptials air, Evan teased, “Lots of tears.” Carly emphasized, “From him.” Evan went on to say, “It’s emotional and funny and quirky and weird, just like our relationship.” Carly agreed, noting, “It’s so us.”

Chris Harrison officiated the wedding, which Evan said he never would have imagined. He explained, “Who would have thought that I would have Chris Harrison officiating my wedding?!”

In bigger news, Carly and Evan are expecting their first child together! Carly shared, “It’s our little miracle baby… Happened really fast, but we’re so excited.” Evan added, “We’re so pumped.”

As for her pregnancy, Carly revealed, “I haven’t felt very good; I am having a lot of morning sickness, I am craving pickles.” Evan added another craving is “mashed potatoes and corn.” The duo is looking forward to finding out the sex soon, with Carly pointing out, “There is a lot of pressure because he has three boys.” They told Renee that Evan's boys are very excited for a new sibling.

Evan and Carly are excited to see tonight’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.” The show was recently faced with a sex scandal involving DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, but Evan and Carly aren’t getting involved. Evan commented, "Obviously, we weren’t there, so we aren’t ones to comment, but we love ‘Paradise' and we knew it would come back — it’s the show that we all love.”

“There is always drama on ‘Paradise,’” Carly chimed in. “That’s what makes the show — drama and romance.”

They don’t think the new, post-scandal rules put in place will negatively affect the show, with Evan explaining, “The nature of the show is what it is — everyone is there for the drama and sticks around for the love story.”