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‘Bachelorette’ Couple Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Talk Wedding Plans — When and Where?

‘Bachelorette’ Couple Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Talk Wedding Plans — When and Where?

“Extra” spoke with “The Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsey and her fiancé Bryan Abasolo after their magical engagement on the season finale last night. Along with flashing her 3-carat Neil Lane sparkler, estimated to be worth $100,000, Rachel dished on their wedding plans and future together.

A glowing Rachel not only got the ring she wanted, she got the guy she wanted! She gushed over the 37-year-old doctor, “He has a goofy side to him that I feel like America didn't really get to see. We’re goofy together.”

The couple was happy to be out in public together, only hours after 8 million people watched them become engaged in Spain. Bryan admitted, “It's a weight off our shoulders and we're just ready to get started with real life.”

“It’s so surreal,” Rachel added, "but we feel liberated... we feel free!”

Rachel and Bryan are now free to start planning their dream wedding. Rachel revealed, “I definitely want a winter wedding, next winter.” She is also pushing for a hometown wedding, sharing, “I'd like for it to be in Dallas.” She may have an idea on the location and time frame, but she doesn’t have all the details worked out yet, admitting, “I don't have a dress or anything like that picked out.”

Bryan promised he won’t be a groomzilla, with Rachel chiming in, “He’s not like that.” Bryan said, “I'm just going to show up — she's going to take care of all the details.”

Rachel, the first bachelorette to announce she was engaged before the season, even sharing how they kept their relationship going by using top-secret code names for one another. “He's Jerome,” Rachel divulged. Bryan added, “I had a couple for her — Linda, Ashley.”

Sharing their quirks, Bryan said, “The one little pet peeve: She always falls asleep on me!”

As for their plans for children, Rachel dished, “I still want four, he wants three.” Bryan said, “Let's see after we have one — let's see how you feel after that,” but Rachel insisted, "I still want four.”

What else could Bryan reply but, "Okay!"