'Will & Grace' Cast Reveals What’s in Store for Their Characters

'Will & Grace' Cast Reveals What’s in Store for Their Characters

They’re back!

The cast members of “Will & Grace” are talking about their giant TV return.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh was with Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally just after they received the news that the show was already renewed for a second season.

Debra said, “I know. It does not happen. And yet it is happening,” adding, “Tomorrow is our first day of rehearsal and this came on the heels on our incredible fun, laugh-filled table read.”

Their reboot is coming to fruition after a 2016 election video was released, marking their first time appearing together in character since the 2006 series finale. Eric explained, “We did that… but we really did think it was finite.”

The foursome gave fans an idea of what to expect when the show returns, with Eric saying, “Will is still a lawyer. Still gay. Still living in his apartment… Grace has become very successful as an interior designer… For reasons that will eventually be revealed, we move back in with each other.”

Then there is Jack. Sean revealed, “Jack will have his own branded form or technique of acting called Jacting. And he will be teaching that to a roomful of students.” Of course, “He still lives next door.” Meanwhile, Karen is besties with the Trumps, but don’t expect to see any characters like Melania making an appearance. Megan smiled, saying, “No, you can’t cast that.”

See the cast back together Thursday, September 28, on NBC.