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Megan Fox Posts Rare Photos of Her Cute Boys

Actress Megan Foxx is sharing adorable photos of her little boys on Instagram!

The mom of three has rarely posted snaps of her family over the past few years, but appears to be softening in that area.

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On Monday, Fox posted four Polaroid photos, which also feature her and husband Brian Austin Green. In one photo, their son Noah, 4, show his love for Princess Elsa from “Frozen.” In another snap, his younger brother Bodhi, 3, rocks a fake red mustache. In a third snap, Brian is seen with their youngest, Journey, who is strapped to his chest in a baby carrier.

Megan may not share many photos of her boys, but she has no problem talking about them! Last year, she told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh that Noah was “very excited” to meet Journey, who was not yet born. Watch!