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‘Mama Bear Spirit’! Why Halle Berry Pushed to Change the Law for Her Kids

Actress Halle Berry is one strong mama, on and off screen!

Talking #KidnapMovie with Halle ❤️ and the talented @officialsagecorrea #FightlikeaMother @halleberry

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Berry, along with co-star Sage Correa, sat down with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour to talk about her new movie “Kidnap."

Halle plays a mom who witnesses her own child’s brutal abduction, which she said she could relate to as a mom of two herself. Halle said, “I couldn't think of anything worse than to see my child snatched right in front of me.” Sage is the same age as her daughter Nahla. The Oscar winner added, “I could easily transpose him for her and her for him, so when he was in those scenes it was very much like that was my very own Nahla that was my very own child and I connected to Sage right away when we met each other so I felt very maternal towards him instantly, too.”

As for how becoming a mother has changed her, Halle explained, “Oh, being a mom, I learned how strong I really am. I always thought I was a pretty strong person, but now being a mother, the things I've been able to fight for for my children have really made me understand how strong I am and how much power I have, actually… as not only a mother, but just as a woman, I'll always stand up for them.”

Standing up for her kids and working to change paparazzi laws after her daughter was born, Berry commented, “Nahla couldn't leave the house. She couldn't go to school. She was terrified. So not changing the law was not an option. I had to change the law. I had to change the law, and so when you have that will and that desire… you'd be surprised what you can actually do just like our girl Karla… she had to get her son back.”

Sage was thrilled to be working alongside such a great actress and revealed his reaction after finding out he got the role, “I was really excited. I was jumping on the couch.”

Their bond was cemented during the grueling shoot. Halle’s character Karla proved she would do anything to get her son back. Halle shared, “I have that mama-bear spirit not only for my kids but for all children so it tapped right into the heart of I think who I am as a person. I can't think of a role that I've ever played that really tapped into Halle, into me… This role is more me than anybody… than any role I've ever played, I think.”

“Kidnap” is in theaters August 3.