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Was Anthony Scaramucci's Wife Pregnant When She Filed for Divorce?

Was Anthony Scaramucci's Wife Pregnant When She Filed for Divorce?
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People magazine reports Deidre Ball Scaramucci was nine months pregnant when she filed for divorce from her husband Anthony, the newly minted Trump Administration Director of Communications, on July 6.

Page Six confirmed the date of the filing at the Nassau County Supreme Court in Long Island, New York, and the New York Daily News confirmed Deidre was still pregnant with their son James at the time.

The Scaramuccis as seen in a Facebook selfie.

Deidre, 38, reportedly gave birth Monday, July 24, to their second child while Scaramucci, 53, was at the Boy Scouts Jamboree with his new boss — who gave a controversial, politically charged speech at the event — and did not see his son until Friday evening.

According to the New York Daily News, Scaramucci texted his wife upon hearing their son had been born, writing, "Congratulations, I'll pray for our child."

Scaramucci also has three children from a previous marriage.

Scaramucci's response to rumors surrounding his divorce was, in keeping with President Trump's favored mode of communication, a tweet. It read, "Leave civilians out of this. I can take the hits, but I would ask that you would put my family in your thoughts and prayers & nothing more."

Deidre's lawyer Jill Stone granted an interview to the News, in which she denied the couple's divorce was the direct result of Scaramucci's political ambition, or his affiliation with the Trump Administration. She said, "Whoever decided to state that that was the cause, that has nothing to do with her filing for divorce. It’s a private matter. She’s focusing on the children. She really doesn’t have a comment at this time."

The couple wed in 2014, and had been together since 2011.