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Rachel Lindsay Is ‘So Ready’ to Reveal New Fiancé on ‘The Bachelorette'

Rachel Lindsay Is ‘So Ready’ to Reveal New Fiancé on ‘The Bachelorette'

On Wednesday afternoon, “The Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay stepped out for the ESPY Awards, where she showed off some huge bling on that finger.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with the happily engaged lawyer, who shared, “This is just a representation of the ring. Not the actual ring.” Rachel didn't giving away any info on her actual fiancé, but said she is “so ready” to reveal to whom she is engaged.

Of next week’s meet-the-parents episode with her final four, Rachel dished, “You can expect more tears, you can expect drama. I walk into four very different homes and then they get to walk into mine… it’s very exciting.”

“I will say there will be a family that you have never seen anything like it on ‘Bachelor'…history,” she pointed out about one of the hometown dates. “It’s hard, you know, walking into someone’s home and meeting their family. We’re used to this world at this point, they aren’t, so there is a lot of doubt, they question a lot of things.”

The guys are also meeting her family — who she admitted “are not easy” — for the first time. Rachel said her mom watches the show and has her own opinion, adding, “My dad claims he doesn’t watch, but I know he watches.”

Rachel admitted that she felt a little uneasy watching herself on the show, saying, “It’s hard to watch myself kiss guys. There was a hot tub scene I wasn’t too excited about my family seeing, but I enjoyed it in the moment.”