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Donal Logue’s Missing Daughter Found Safe & Sound

Donal Logue’s Missing Daughter Found Safe & Sound

Two weeks after “Gotham” actor Donal Logue announced his daughter Jade was missing, she has finally been found.

On Saturday morning, Jade was found at a friend’s home in North Carolina, TMZ reports. His rep told the site, "Jade is now safely back home with her family.”

After Jade returned home, Donal wrote on Twitter, "Thank you ALL for the love and support. We are good. Kasey and I wish to thank the NYPD. FBI, @MissingKids and countless others.”

Donal’s ex-wife, Jade’s mom Kasey Smith, tweeted, "Jade Logue has been found. Thank you to everyone for the support, love. Far and wide support. Beyond grateful.”

On Friday, Donal urged the 16-year-old to come home, tweeting, "Jade, c’mon home, you sweet, beautiful, soul. We love and miss you dearly.”