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Emma Stone's 'La La Land' One-Woman Show Gets a Drag Makeover

Emma Stone's 'La La Land' One-Woman Show Gets a Drag Makeover
Casey Kringlen

Even if you loved "La La Land" — as so many people did — there was one part of the movie that may have left you scratching your head: If Emma Stone's character's one-woman show stank up the place so badly, how did it also put her on the path to stardom?

Emma's Mia received a sitting no-vation in the film.

Internet personality Jimmy Fowlie asked himself that question, and his answer was to write and stage a full version of "So Long, Boulder City," casting himself as Emma's character Mia (in drag).

Now, the 31-year-old is about to debut his co-creation with Jordan Black at the Celebration Theatre in L.A. on July 21, and he's convinced they cooked up something that will satisfy "La La Land" lovers and haters.

"We sat down to start writing it,” he told Huffington Post's Curtis Wong, “and we were dying laughing because it was the stupidest thing we ever created. And I thought, ‘We should really do this.’”

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This out-there play will generate a city of stares, if not stars — it's already selling out!

Could his one-man show lead to Hollywood stardom, as it did for Emma Stone's Mia? “I can’t help but laugh to myself, ‘This isn’t even real. This is an inside joke between me and 11 of my friends,'" Fowlie insists... but as we learned from the movie, "someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know."