Will Val Kilmer Be Back for ‘Top Gun 2’?

The “Top Gun” sequel is officially in the works, with blockbuster producer Jerry Bruckheimer and superstar Tom Cruise on board.

Will Val Kilmer, who starred as Iceman, be returning, too?


When news of the sequel broke in May, Kilmer tweeted, “Friends said it’s official #topgun2 was announced today. I’m ready Tom- still got my top gun plaque! Still got the moves! Still got it!”

“Extra” caught up with Bruckheimer at the Greater Los Angeles Chapter Army Ball in Long Beach, where he was presented with the Outstanding Civilian Service Award Medal.

Bruckheimer revealed they already have a draft of the film, titled “Top Gun: Maverick,” and they are “working on another one.”

As far as bringing Val back for the project, fans will be happy to hear producers are “looking at it,” adding they would certainly “like that to happen.”