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Sofia Vergara Dishes on Birthday Plans

Sofia Vergara Dishes on Birthday Plans

“Extra” caught up with Sofia Vergara to talk about her upcoming birthday plans and her involvement in the new multimedia business Raze.

Vergara, who was joined by Raze partners and media veterans Emiliano Calemzuk and Luis Balaguer, said she isn’t sure what is in store for her 45th birthday on July 10.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I thought I was going to be shooting a movie in New York by that time, so I did a big party two weeks ago, three weeks ago, in my house thinking that was going to be my birthday party… but now I’m going to be here, so I have to now be creative and think about doing something.”

Sofia wouldn’t say too much about that film, but did reveal that after filming, she has "to go back to work first of August to shoot ‘Modern Family.’”

She shared her excitement over the show’s return, saying, “Yes, two more seasons, yes, very excited. I’m very happy. I miss them already — it’s been four months of hiatus and I’m already missing them.”

As for Raze, a digital platform for scripted and unscripted content, it will feature original content that celebrates the voices and stories of Latin America, something that was appealing to the Colombian actress. “I’m very excited about this because I think this will be the future,” she said. “We saw a big void for the Latino millennials, and I came together with Luis and Emiliano to figure out how to fill this void, and that’s where Emiliano comes in.”

Emiliano shared, “It’s something we’re incredibly excited about… We felt that we needed a platform that connected directly with the young people, and because it didn’t exist, Sofia with her long-term thinking said, ‘Why don’t we create it so we don’t depend on anyone else?’ and we’ve gotten tremendous feedback and response from the market."

Sofia will be contributing her own content, too. “Yes, of course!” she said. "I’m a big part of Raze and of course we’re going to be doing different things. We’re already started shooting little things here and there.” Luis explained what content they are looking for, saying, “We’re letting the audience tell us. Today, through our algorithms, we can see what our audience is looking for from the talent and what are the trending favorite topics.”