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Kerry Washington’s Daughter Recognized Her Mom’s Voice in ‘Cars 3'

Kerry Washington’s Daughter Recognized Her Mom’s Voice in ‘Cars 3'

Over the weekend, actress Kerry Washington premiered her latest film, “Cars 3,” and opened up about her kids to “Extra’s” Terri Seymour.

Kerry gushed that her children, Isabelle and Caleb, are "a blessing.”

Washington, who stunned in a pink Oscar de la Renta dress at the movie premiere, said she is thrilled to be in an animated film. “It's just so fun to be in something that my kids can watch. Because ‘Scandal' is not appropriate.”

The 40-year-old smiled, “Are you listening, kids? Do not watch my TV show. This movie, tune in!”

Kerry watched the movie with her mom and daughter Isabelle, 3, who was able to recognize Kerry’s voice as a red sports car named Natalie Certain. She added, “It was really fun to watch it with all three generations. How can you make a movie that can please from the single digits to the seventies?”

As for how she juggles it all, the Emmy-nominated star revealed, ”With a lot of support and love.”

Washington is getting ready to say good-bye to her “Scandal” character Oliva Pope. “It's wonderful to go into the last season knowing this is our final good-bye, that we kind of get to lay it all on the table, go for broke, go big or go home. It's gonna be really strong and fun and sad.”

“Cars 3” is in theaters Friday.