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Alec Baldwin Defends, Demi Lovato Shades, Kathy Griffin on Trump

Alec Baldwin Defends, Demi Lovato Shades, Kathy Griffin on Trump
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Following her tearful press conference in which she claimed Donald Trump and his family were trying to ruin her life "forever" over her part in an image showing her holding a bloody prop Donald Trump head, Kathy Griffin is receiving support — and shade — from two major stars.

People magazine reports Alec Baldwin, famous for his Trump impersonation on "SNL," appealed directly to Kathy in several tweets late Friday, dropping the F-bomb twice while making his point.

"Kathy... f--- them. F--- them all. No one believes you meant to threaten Trump," he wrote. "Trump is such a senile idiot, all he has is Twitter fights."

His advice to Griffin? "Ignore him. Like all of the other countries in the world."

Baldwin also referred to a 1998 Conan O'Brien appearance in which Baldwin joked about stoning Republican congressman Henry Hyde, his wife and kids to death.

"No one walked out of the studio and said, 'No! We're serious!' No one. but all your gutless, weasels in the GOP insisted that I actually threatened Hyde. They played the victim beautifully," Baldwin wrote. Following the outraged responses to his appearance back then, Baldwin went on to greater heights in his career, and seemed to be encouraging Griffin not to give up the ghost on hers.

However, Kathy did get some payback from frequent target Demi Lovato, albeit without being named by Demi. Us Weekly reports Lovato's mom Dianna De La Garza tweeted, "So @kathygriffin states she will continue making fun of people, kinda like she made fun of my daughter @ddlovato for going into treatment."

As part of her act, Griffin has savaged public figures — including Lovato — for years, rarely avoiding sensitive topics like addiction.

In response, Demi liked her mom's tweet before tweeting, "I find it funny when bullies play the victim... Oops. I spilled my tea." Her use of the gay slang means to take delight in telling a truth ("T") that others might find uncomfortable.

With people coming to her defense (Baldwin, Jim Carrey) and criticizing her (Anderson Cooper, the Trumps, Chelsea Clinton, a lot of the Internet), Kathy Griffin — who has said the photo shoot was done to "give 'em something to talk about" — has gone from the D-list to Topic A.