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Jim Carrey & Jerry Seinfeld React to Kathy Griffin’s Trump Photo Controversy

Jim Carrey & Jerry Seinfeld React to Kathy Griffin’s Trump Photo Controversy

“Extra” was with Jim Carrey at the premiere of his new '70s stand-up Showtime series “I’m Dying Up Here,” where he weighed in on the controversy surrounding Kathy Griffin and Donald Trump.

When asked about the photo shoot of Kathy holding up a bloody head resembling Trump's, Jim said, “I see that everybody's a hypocrite because everybody's imagined themselves standing there with his head, maybe at least half the country.”

Sounding-off on the state of our country, he added, “We’re in a tough spot. It’s a very divided world. We’re sitting here watching this nonsense happen and people like Sean Spicer come out and talk about it like we're kindergarteners. You know, covering for the President is like putting makeup on a melanoma — not only unsightly but it's dangerous.” As for his new project he said, “There’s so much darkness, and that’s where the real diamonds are formed, in that darkness.”

“These wonderful memories bubble up,” Carrey said, noting that some of the storylines resemble his days as a stand-up comic.

“Extra” was also with Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica last night as they hosted a GOOD+ Foundation family charity event in NYC.

The “Seinfeld” creator, who began his career doing stand-up, reacted to the Kathy controversy by saying, “It’s stupid, who cares?”

Moving on from the scandal, Jerry praised his wife’s work with the foundation she started to help break the cycle of family poverty. “Very, very proud. I said to her the other day, 'You’re the soul of the family.' Her work gives us a soul.”

He added, “Every time you meet a family that’s benefited, that’s changed, that’s grown, and that she did it, it’s very moving.”

For more info, visit goodplusfoundation.org.