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Matthew Perry Reveals If Any of the 'Friends' Stars Were More Than Just 'Friends'!

Matthew Perry Reveals If Any of the 'Friends' Stars Were More Than Just 'Friends'!
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Matthew Perry found himself in Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" hot seat this week, and he wound up answering a question many "Friends" fans have had for years: Did any of the actors fool around with each other in real life?

During a heated game of Plead the Fifth, Perry refused to play Marry/Shag/Kill using his female "Friends" co-stars, but when asked if any of the actors had gotten intimate off-set, he said, "I think there was no sex between any of them — I mean, at least, or I was really missing something."

He also confirmed he himself never "partook" in that deparment.

The one where nobody got lucky with each other!

Andy asked the question because when he had previously brought up a rumored no-sex-between-co-stars clause in the "Friends" contract, David Schwimmer had blurted out, "Well, that was broken!" before Lisa Kudrow denied it had ever existed.

Watch the whole segment:

Perry is currently in NYC promoting the play he wrote, "The End of Longing," in which he stars with Jennifer Morrison. The show opens Off-Broadway June 5.

Perry just wrapped three seasons on CBS's "The Odd Couple" reboot (it won't be coming back in the fall), and Morrison just announced she won't return to her hit ABC series "Once Upon a Time."