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News Anchors & Newsmakers Weigh In on Bombshell Trump Headlines

The news cycle continues to be dominated by President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey. Now, a bombshell report detailing the President's request to FBI Director James Comey to drop an investigation into Michael Flynn led one House Democrat to call for Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday.

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At Turner’s upfront presentation in New York, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway got some reactions to all the headlines from news anchors and newsmakers.

CNN’s Don Lemon told AJ, “It's nuts. It's crazy. Seriously. I can't even remember what the scandal was yesterday or the day before.” When AJ mentioned that the President is upset with “all the reporting that’s going on,” Don replied, “It's the President's own making. The President makes his own problems. He should be upset with himself. He did this. He had the conversations… He's the one that tweets. He should be… If he's upset, he should be mad at himself. He should look in the mirror.”

Jake Tapper smiled, saying, “Put down your phone, go get a coffee, come back and another explosive allegation has been levied. It's crazy.” He added, “I think it's a very challenging time for the country. I think it's a very challenging time for the public and also for a journalist, you know, to bring these stories, to do so in a fair and impartial way, and yet obviously there's a crisis in Washington right now.”

“I'm trying to get a handle on it,” “Full Frontal’s” Samantha Bee chimed in. "It’s just too much.”

Filmmaker and outspoken Trump critic Michael Moore, who is developing a new series for TNT and reportedly working on a movie about Trump, also shared his take, saying, “Well, no one could've scripted this, that's for sure. I think the whole country is witnessing a circus of unbelievable proportions and, you know, I'm here to make my contribution to try and straighten the ship.”

“I think the thing I would caution people with is that, how many times have you said to yourself, ‘Oh, that's it for Trump. He’s over now.’? Everybody… said that with the Billy Bush tapes. This guy, he's got something better than Teflon. Teflon implies you have to be in the pan. This guy never even gets in the pan,” Moore went on to say.