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Demi Lovato Dishes on Happy Life, Plus: Her Gym Meeting with Kate Hudson

Life is good for Demi Lovato! The superstar singer is expanding her empire, trying her hand at designing a limited collection for fellow star Kate Hudson’s workout gear line, Fabletics.

On Tuesday, Demi sat down only with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour, making it clear she is in a happy place! She revealed, “I've been enjoying where my life is at this moment.”

The 24-year-old just came back from vacation, where she gave all her followers something to envy —her beach body, which she showed off on social media. She dished, “I went to Fiji and Bora Bora for 12 days… We went surfing, wakeboarding and we went swimming with the sharks, which was really fun.”

How did she get her rockin’ body? Lovato revealed, “I’m into mixed martial arts. I'm doing jujitsu and I'm kind of in love with it… I've been doing it for about a year and it's just been so much fun, I have a newfound passion for it and I really enjoy it.”

The “Confident” songstress, who is working out six days a week, is very confident herself these days! “I feel very proud of the body that I’m in…I’ve learned to accept my body the way that it is naturally and it’s really helped me to love the skin that I’m in.” Along with working out, she is staying on point with her eating, too, and avoiding cheat days, saying, “It’s better for me to just have a cheat meal.”

As for how her collaboration with Kate came about, Demi pointed out that it all started in a gym. Demi recalled, “Kate and I actually met in the gym, which is kind of ironic, and we just had a great connection and she fortunately thought about me for Fabletics.” For the collaboration, Demi was able to design clothes she likes to work out in, saying, “I like to feel cute and confident while I'm in the gym working out, so I wanted to create cute clothing that empowers women while they're working out."

Demi is also busy creating a new docuseries for YouTube, sharing, “It's called 'I Am' and it will just be chronicling the journeys that I’m going on emotionally and spiritually… You'll just get to see me on a more in-depth level. You’ll get to see what it's like to be in my shoes and grow with me at the same time.”

Along with the Fabletics collaboration and docuseries, she will have new music out soon! “I’m in the studio recording and writing my album and that will be coming out later this year.”