Kevin Spacey Finds Parallels Between 'House of Cards' and Real-Life Politics 'Scary'

Kevin Spacey Finds Parallels Between 'House of Cards' and Real-Life Politics 'Scary'

“House of Cards” is back on Netflix this month, and the new season centers on Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood running for re-election with his wife Claire as his running mate!

“Extra’s” Charissa Thompson caught up with Spacey to talk about what's in store.

Kevin revealed art will imitate life, but it wasn’t because they planned it that way.

“It's been very interesting,” he said. “We work very hard on creating scenarios and storylines, and then somewhere between when we've shot them and before the series is going to drop, four or five things that we have done actually happened in real life.”

Charissa wasn’t sure if that was scary or exciting. Kevin told her, “I like to think it’s scary.”

Kevin admitted he would probably like Underwood if he met him in real life. “If I didn't see the private Frank, I'd like to think he'd be charming,” he said.

“House of Cards” aside, Spacey has a big gig coming up… hosting the Tonys!

“I love the theater. I'm a theater rat,” he gushed, while holding back on details about whether he will be singing and dancing as the emcee. “I can't really tell you, or like Frank Underwood, I would have to kill you.”

Thompson asked if he had any interest in hosting something else... that starts with an O.

“Oprah’s show?” he jokingly asked, before explaining, “The whole Oscar hosts thing has become too big an issue. I think it should be about the movies.”

Watch Kevin in “House of Cards” Season 5 beginning May 30, and as Tony Awards host on June 11.