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Tom Hanks on Making Oprah Laugh, and That Epic Trip to Tahiti

Tom Hanks on Making Oprah Laugh, and That Epic Trip to Tahiti

A few weeks ago, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were spotted on a $300-million yacht off the coast of Tahiti with President Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen.

When “Extra’s” AJ Calloway asked Oprah about the trip, she told him Tom is the “funniest person I know.”

Last night, AJ caught up with Tom and Rita at the “The Circle” premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, and passed along Oprah’s compliment.

Tom laughed and said, “This is not true. The only thing is, I get away with more smartass comments around Oprah than anyone else.”

Rita added, “I have to say it is really great when you see Oprah belly laugh over something he has done or said. It is pretty fun.”

Hanks explained, “Most of it is just ragging on Oprah, which I don’t think anyone dare does that.”

Talking about the epic boat trip, Tom joked, “Well, it starts off like this: ‘Do you want to go with these people? Where are we gonna have to go? We are gonna have to go to Tahiti? Oh, alright.’”

He went on to say that hanging out with President Obama was “pretty cool.”

Hanks also opened up about working on the film “The Circle,” saying, "I loved working with Emma [Watson] she is a gem, rock solid, and the stuff we did was very free-form, a lot of play… funny enough, Dave Eggers wrote the novel in 2013 and he is actually still a little bit ahead of the curve of what is really going on. So to be that prescient on something that is ripped out of today, not headlines, but Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, he really put his finger on some brand of lightning."

“The Circle” opens in theaters April 28.