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New York Governor Cuomo & Others React to Bill O’Reilly’s Exit

New York Governor Cuomo & Others React to Bill O’Reilly’s Exit

Last night, “Extra” spoke with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and other tastemakers at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Clive Davis Tribute.

Earlier in the day, news broke that Bill O”Reilly will not be returning to Fox News after an investigation of sexual harassment allegations against him.

Governor Cuomo told “Extra” of O’Reilly’s sudden exit, “I'm sure the station will adjust. and it was their decision — it couldn't have been an easy one. My guess is the evidence was overwhelming for FOX to make that decision.”

Fellow cable news host Don Lemon, who has been covering the story, was also in attendance. He said, “I don't take glee in anyone's downfall, but I am happy that women are no longer standing for this sort of behavior. There's been a lot of smoke and one wonders if there's fire where there's all of this smoke… So many women have come forward, so much money has been paid out. I just think the culture has changed. It's time to move on — this is a new world.”

Lemon added that O'Reilly should address his viewers and say good-bye.

Robert De Niro, one of the founders of the Tribeca Film Festival, simply commented, “[Bill] didn't do something right.”

Yesterday, CNN Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter weighed in on O’Reilly’s departure. Watch!