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How Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn Make Their 34-Year Relationship Work

How Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn Make Their 34-Year Relationship Work

Actor Kurt Russell is back on the big screen in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” playing Star-Lord’s dad. Kurt sat down with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez to chat about the film, and opened up about his relationship with Goldie Hawn.

As for how they make their three-decade romance work in Hollywood, Kurt revealed, “Look, I’ve said this for 34 years, I don’t think Goldie and I, in real terms, are any different than any other couple; we go through all the same things… but the important thing of who the two people are in a relationship is what you have to deal with. There’s gonna be ups and downs and sideways and everything else… I just think after 34 years you're gonna have experienced every emotion that you can together."

Kurt mused, "I think that love conquers all and there have been times where I felt like, she's like, ‘No this can't go on,' and you know, and vice versa, it's been the same thing and I can’t, this can’t go on. I think that’s the same for everybody... you come out the other side.”

He gushed, “Goldie is just spectacular, she is great, she is spectacular, she is the right girl for me. I left this morning and things were going good so, I hope it's that way when I get back!”

Kurt and Goldie are both promoting big movies right now. Kurt is in “Guardians” and “Fast 8,” while Goldie has her first movie in thirteen years – “Snatched” with Amy Schumer. Kurt smiled, “I’ve seen it, it’s funny, it’s really funny… It’s busy right now, it's busy, it's fun. After this I’ll probably go back to the vineyard and she'll go back to her foundation. We’re in a period we’re enjoying the things we’re doing.”