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Cher Bashes President Trump’s Decision to Bomb Syria

Cher Bashes President Trump’s Decision to Bomb Syria

Last night, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with superstar Cher at the premiere of “The Promise” in Hollywood, where she slammed President Trump for bombing Syria.

The legendary singer said, “I was part of a movie called 'Cries from Syria,' and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He just doesn’t understand anything. I think it was like a 3D photo op for him — ‘We’ve got low numbers, bomb something.'”

Cher, who has been outspoken about her feelings toward the President, pointed out that she does not have much hope for the current administration. “I have such disdain for him and most of the people he’s picked… It’s no secret what I think.”

Politics aside, the 70-year-old is feeling just fine after rumors swirled about her health when she dropped out of a Lifetime Original Movie, citing a serious family issue. She smiled as she assured Renee, “I’m good, I’m good."

Cher also weighed in on “The Promise,” which centers around the Armenian genocide at the end of the Ottoman Empire. “It’s a story that has been hidden for so long and I don’t think many people know many Armenians. There are very few Armenians in the world. I think this is a story that’s been denied — it’s been denied — and it needs to be told.”

“The Germans stepped up at one point; at some point they apologized, they stepped up,” she went on. "I think that was important for them, because if something is so horrendous in your background, you have to make some sort of amends, but it’s just a statement where people say, ‘It was a terrible thing. Our ancestors did it, but we accept that it was a terrible thing,’ and the Turks have never even acknowledged this.”