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Is Khloé Kardashian Ready to Marry Tristan Thompson?

Is Khloé Kardashian Ready to Marry Tristan Thompson?

Though they’ve been dating for less than a year, Khloé Kardashian said she would be happy to take the next big step with boyfriend and Cavaliers basketball player Tristan Thompson.

In the new issue of ES magazine, Kardashian revealed that she’s “never been in this type of love,” and would say “yes” if he proposed.

Along with marriage, Khloé could imagine a family with Tristan — and has already set the wheels in motion. She said, "I would love to have a family. We've talked about it. He [already] is a father, and I know for a fact that he would be an impeccable father.”

"I definitely want to be a mom, but I don't put the pressure on it,” she went on. "It's not like, ‘The clock is ticking.' I feel in my soul it will happen."

Khloé also opened up about Kim’s recent robbery in Paris, saying, "I get really angry when people blame her for her robbery — I think that is the most irresponsible accusation.”

"I don't care how little or how much you have, nobody deserves to be violated and robbed and assaulted and traumatized,” Kardashian emphasized. "I got very frustrated with that and [the suggestion that], 'Oh, this was scripted' or we planned it. What is wrong with human beings?"

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For more on Khloé’s interview, pick up the latest issue of ES magazine!