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Paris Jackson’s New Fears for Brother Blanket

Paris Jackson’s New Fears for Brother Blanket

Though Paris Jackson is making a bigger name for herself in Hollywood, she reportedly still has her family on her mind.

TMZ reports that Paris, 19, is “deeply concerned” about her younger brother Blanket, 15, who is basically living by himself in grandmother Katherine’s home in Calabasas, California. Katherine, who is currently staying with her daughter Rebbie, has not been to her home since January. For the past few months, Katherine has been dealing with her own drama — accusing her nephew Trent of elder abuse.

Trent has denied her allegations, with his lawyer commenting in court, "The evidence is not going to show any abuse by Mr. Jackson. What the evidence will show is that this case is eerily similar to what happened in 2012.”

Rumors are swirling that Paris is unhappy with Rebbie, who she may believe is keeping Katherine away from her grandchildren. Though Katherine’s son TJ and his wife are supervising Blanket at her home, Paris allegedly feels that he is living without a real family by his side.

Aside from all the family issues, Blanket — described as a social butterfly — is reportedly doing well at his private school, getting As in many of his classes.