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'Wonder Woman' Reveal: New Scenes from Next Superhero Epic

'Wonder Woman' Reveal: New Scenes from Next Superhero Epic

Where else would fans expect to get a tantalizing early look at scenes from the upcoming DC superhero movie "Wonder Woman" if not at WonderCon?

THR reports Warner Bros. surprised WonderCon attendees with "extended clips" from the movie, which stars Gal Gadot in the role Lynda Carter tackled on TV in the '70s.

Director Patty Jenkins told the crowd at the comic book/sci-fi/movie convention that superhero movies are not about pure escapism. "It’s so much bigger than that. It’s a method of universal storytelling."

She went on to say superhero movies capture the human urge to do and be good.

The crowd definitely thought the three clips shown were good, reacting with cheers.

In one scene, Wonder Woman, in Diana Prince alter ego mode, did battle with tough guys in an alley, saving the day for Steve Trevor (Chris Pine); in another, Wonder Woman laid waste to German soldiers during World War I. Jenkins said that in spite of all the action, the film is "a character piece... from the point of view of Diana and how it affects her journey."

"Wonder Woman," said to be faithful to the original comic strip that inspired it, is set for a June 2 opening.