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‘ANTM’ Contestant Brandy Rusher Critically Injured in Deadly Shooting

‘ANTM’ Contestant Brandy Rusher Critically Injured in Deadly Shooting
America's Next Top Model

Over the weekend, former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Brandy Rusher was critically wounded in a shooting.

Rusher was reportedly shot at an apartment complex in Houston. Along with Rusher, four others were shot and two were killed, according to TMZ.

Her grandfather Harvey Lee told People magazine, "They say she’s in stable condition, but that’s all I know.”

According to a homicide release record, the suspects drove up to the apartment complex, where an altercation ensued. One of the suspects allegedly grabbed a rifle from the trunk and shot the victims. Both suspects reportedly took off after the shooting. Harris County Sheriff’s Office Senior Deputy Thomas shared with People magazine, "Evidently this stemmed from some kind of neighbor dispute, between two neighbors upstairs and downstairs. That was the catalyst to the shooting. There was nothing to say it was gang-related. It mainly was just an argument between two sets of people.”

Rusher competed on the fourth season of “America’s Next Top Model” in 2005.