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Kerry Washington Talks 'Scandal' Twists and Turns

Kerry Washington Talks 'Scandal' Twists and Turns
Imeh Bryant

Kerry Washington joined her “Scandal” cast mates Sunday at PaleyFest in L.A., where she dished on the hit Shonda Rimes series with "Extra's" Renee Bargh.

Renee asked the busy mom of two — who just welcomed son Caleb a few months ago — how everything was going at home while they chatted on the red carpet. “Everything is good in our hood — everything is good,” Washington said.

One of Washington's non-"Scandal" projects is voicing a character in Disney’s “Cars 3," a prospect that has her "so excited!" Renee asked if Kerry or her kids were more excited about that one, and Kerry said, "I don’t know that they know exactly yet, but I’m very excited.” She's not sure if her little ones will be able to grasp that it's Mommy's voice coming from a character character on the big screen.

Kerry, who campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton, also talked about the current political climate. Which is more dramatic, the real Oval Office, or the fictional one on her hit series? “Used to be we had this very heightened, operatic, Shakespearean show about Washington, D.C., that was so outside the realm of reality," Kerry mused. "I would say they’re giving us a run for our money these days.”

Teasing what could happen next with Olivia and Papa Pope after last week’s episode, in which Olivia told Huck to kill her dad, Kerry pondered the question of how viewers will see Olivia's relationship with her dad. “It’s a great question,” she said told Renee, smiling. “I think it complicates the relationship. I know for me, in watching that episode, I thought, 'Wow, Rowan is... we’re seeing a more human side of him than ever before, and it impacts how you conceptualize him."

"Scandal" is on ABC Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.