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Marc Anthony Gushes About Jennifer Lopez After His Red-Carpet Debut with Young GF

Marc Anthony Gushes About Jennifer Lopez After His Red-Carpet Debut with Young GF

Last night in New York City, Marc Anthony made it red-carpet official with his new 21-year-old model girlfriend Mariana Downing. Anthony hosted his fourth annual Maestro Cares Gala, posing for pictures on the carpet with Mariana, just a month after romance rumors about them began swirling.

After the gala, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway sat down with the 48-year-old, who opened up about his relationship with wife number two, Jennifer Lopez, and their twins.

Marc and Jennifer are the epitome of friendly exes. He quipped, “If you want to get along with a woman, just get divorced.” The two always support one another, posting pics together on social media and going to one another’s shows, as well as working together. He shared, “I'm producing her Spanish album, which is — I'm telling you right now — some of the best work I've ever done and some of the best work that she's ever done, and the fact that she put her career in my hands is a massive responsibility, but no one knows her like I do.”

Anthony emphasized that they've have always been in a good place. “We've always been from day one, you know. We met working, twenty-something years ago we met, working. She’s my goombah — that's my girl — for life.”

And with all the dating rumors surrounding Jennifer, who is linked to Alex Rodriguez, we had to ask Anthony if he or Jennifer ever vets the other’s choice in date mates. Mark played coy, saying, “Don't go all yellow on me with this yellow media — wouldn’t you want to know? I'm not that drunk to answer that sh*t.” In all seriousness, he elaborated, “I could not be prouder, I could not be prouder.”

Jennifer and Marc are busy co-parenting their 10-year-old twins Max and Emme. Marc said, “They are big and beautiful and gorgeous. You explore their imagination every day. It just makes you feel like you're ten years old.”

Along with being a parent and singer, he is also busy continuing his work with Maestro Cares, his foundation to build group homes for orphaned children living in poverty. “We have nine across the globe right now and growing, thank God,” he said.