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Demi Lovato Gets Candid on Her 5-Year Sobriety Milestone

Demi Lovato Gets Candid on Her 5-Year Sobriety Milestone

Demi Lovato is coming clean about her sobriety.

Last week, the “Confident” singer posted an inspiring message on social media about her five-year anniversary of freedom from her addictions. Lovato confessed to “Extra” Tuesday night in New York City, “My fans are part of the reason why I'm sober, they hold me accountable. If it weren’t for my friends, family, and fans, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Now the 24-year-old is happy, healthy, and strong, emphasizing, “My ups and downs keep me strong.”

She is also using her voice to help others. “Being able to help people in recovery is something I'm passionate about.”

Demi was on hand for the Musicians on Call event honoring Elvis Duran, sharing, “It’s something I really believe in.” She gushed over the host of “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show,” saying, “Elvis has done so much for me and I'm so grateful for him.”

For Duran, the sentiment is mutual, raving, “I love Demi Lovato. She's amazing.” Duran is receiving the Leadership in Music Golden Ukulele, of which he revealed, “It will get a very prominent spot in my favorite, favorite spot in my favorite room.”