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Jenny Slate Tells All About Her Relationship with ‘Gifted’ Co-Star Chris Evans

Jenny Slate Tells All About Her Relationship with ‘Gifted’ Co-Star Chris Evans

Actress Jenny Slate is opening up about her failed romance with “Gifted” co-star Chris Evans.

In an interview with New York magazine, Slate reflected on their breakup, which became public last month. She revealed, "We're not on bad terms, but we haven't really seen each other, spoken a lot. I think it's probably best. I’d love to be his friend one day, but we threw down pretty hard. No regrets, though. Ever."

Though they broke up, Evans and Slate will be promoting their movie “Gifted” together. Of the promotion tour, the 34-year-old shared, "I feel pretty relaxed about it right now. That's because I know Chris and he's a very nice man. And we've gone into our separate lives. But that doesn't also mean that I'm going to sleep well the night before, you know?"

The two met on the set of the movie and immediately shared a connection. She explained, "I remember him saying to me, 'You're going to be one of my closest friends. I was just like, 'Man, I f--king hope this isn't a lie, because I'm going to be devastated if this guy isn't my friend.’"

Chris and Jenny eventually began a romance after she separated from husband Dean Fleischer-Camp. She reflected, "When Chris and I started dating, my husband and I had only been separated for a couple of months. Even though we had an amicable divorce, I think that's still something that you need to mourn. When you get separated from somebody that you actually care about, it is the destruction of a belief system. That is really, really sad. I just didn't have the tools. And I didn't think very hard about that, to be honest. I wanted to step into the light. Chris is a sunny, loving, really fun person, and I didn't really understand why I should be prudent."

Jenny also discussed how she felt when Chris showed romantic interest in her, saying, "To be quite honest, I didn't think I was his type. Eventually, when it was like, 'Oh, you have these feelings for me?', I was looking around like, 'Is this a prank?’ I mean, I understand why I think I'm beautiful, but if you've had a certain lifestyle and I'm a very, very different type of person — I don't want to be an experiment.”

She gushed about her ex, "What's the same about us is not just that we're from Massachusetts, which was such a delight, but Chris is truly one of the kindest people I've ever met, to the point where sometimes I would look at him and it would kind of break my heart. He's really vulnerable, and he's really straightforward. He's like primary colors. He has beautiful, big, strong emotions, and he's really sure of them. It's just wonderful to be around. His heart is probably golden-colored, if you could paint it.”

Slate admitted it was a little difficult to handle Chris’ fame. "For him to go to a restaurant is totally different than for me to go. I sit in my window and I say hi to people on the street. I have more freedom because I'm not Captain America. I'm mostly a cartoon. The stress that I saw him be put under, I've never seen that before, and he handled that really gracefully. He's not stressed. I was the person that was stressed."