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Omarosa Talks President Trump, Fake News and More

Omarosa Talks President Trump, Fake News and More

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with Omarosa Manigault as she took a rare day off from the White House to do some wedding planning in NYC. Omarosa is preparing to wed Pastor John Newman in April, and is making an appearance on TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Manigault, who appeared on “The Apprentice” and “The Celebrity Apprentice” with President Trump, is now serving in his administration as Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison. She spoke with AJ about how she thinks things are going for Trump so far.

Giving the administration a thumbs up, she said, “You look at what we have accomplished to date, everyone knows that we are going to do exactly what we said we were going to do. Every single promise he made we’ve outlined and we are checking off one by one.”

She praised Trump for signing an executive order to promote excellence and innovation at historically black colleges and universities, and believes he has addressed the Flint, Michigan, water crisis and created jobs. “We started to bring jobs to areas and identifying companies that would keep their business here in the United States. The first thirty days, already we have done so much and we have so much to go.”

Having previously worked at the White House during the Clinton administration, Omarosa said she has seen her share of drama, protests and disagreements over policy. “One of the advantages of having been there before… you don’t get worked up.”

Manigualt also said she is all for Trump using social media. “I think it’s fantastic that the President is able to speak directly to the American people. He doesn’t have to go through the filter of the media to interrupt what he says or what he means.”

As a former journalist, she weighed in on what Trump has been calling “fake news,” explaining, “Everyone is rushing to get the story out, but they are not rushing to get it right.”

The 43-year-old White House staffer, who campaigned for the President, called election night “incredible.”

She recalled the emotional night, saying, “I’m not a big crier. I was so proud of the President. He out-worked the competition.”

Omarosa also sent her congrats to the Trump family for the news today that Eric Trump and his wife Lara are expecting their first child, a little boy. “I’m so excited that they’re going to bring a beautiful baby into the world — they are so deserving.”