Trump Skewered in Alien-Invasion 'SNL' Sketch

Trump Skewered in Alien-Invasion 'SNL' Sketch

In "SNL's" cold open, many of the cast members were on hand, playing members of the military girding for battle against aliens who are invading the planet.

When President Trump (Alec Baldwin, reprising his savage impression of the POTUS) is introduced to give a pep talk, he winds up denigrating the military, randomly bringing up his advocacy for the coal industry, taking jabs at Arnold Schwarzenegger and NBC, and even defending the aliens' home planet.

Trump then singles out soldiers Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata as secret aliens, to which Zamata replies, "Oh, okay. No."

Watch below to find out what happens when the aliens utter the immortal line, "Take me to your leader!"