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Christina El Moussa on New Life: 'Everything Is Looking on the Up and Up'

Christina El Moussa on New Life: 'Everything Is Looking on the Up and Up'
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“Flip or Flop” star Christina El Moussa is enjoying life in the wake of her divorce from husband Tarek.

The HGTV star spent Saturday with her daughter Taylor at the All-Star Chef Classic at L.A. event, where “Extra” caught up with her. She gave an update on how she is doing since splitting from her husband, Tarek.

“Honestly, I swear, I’ve never been better," she said. "I feel a sense of peace and we have so much going on right now and so many things I’m looking forward to doing in the future. And Tarek and I are in a good spot, so everything is looking on the up and up.”

Christina stressed that the couple is focusing on co-parenting their two children, saying, “Tarek and I, both of our priority, 100%, is the kids, to make sure the transition is smooth, that they’re happy, that they’re healthy, that they’re just having fun."

She added, “Honestly, I always make the kids a priority. For them, they have a normal life."

The 33-year-old told "Extra" that finding balance is the key for her as a working single mom. “After work, you just get home, shut the phones, the computer, ignore the technology, focus on the kids. We love to do games, story time, just talk about our day, have dinner together, and for me, that just makes the biggest difference — just turning everything off for a bit.”

Tarek and Christina are still working together, shooting Season 7 of “Flip or Flop." Christina said they're “looking forward to doing more episodes.”

HGTV recently announced "Flip or Flop" will take place in additional cities across the country. “We actually found out about it a year ago; the president of HGTV had dinner with us and she told us about it and we gave it our blessing and we’re excited that something that we created a few years ago turned into such a big hit, that it turned into a franchise, so we think it’s pretty cool.”