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Kate Hudson’s Ex Goes to Court Over Custody Agreement

Kate Hudson’s Ex Goes to Court Over Custody Agreement

Kate Hudson’s ex-husband Chris Robinson is challenging their custody agreement over their teenage son Ryder.

Ten years after they finalized their divorce, Robinson filed papers in regards to the custody arrangement of Ryder. In the documents obtained by People, Robinson and Hudson agreed to have a court assigned evaluator look over their case, issue a report and make recommendations on how to deal with the legal and physical custody of Ryder, including his living arrangements and visitations.

The exes have granted access to their health and mental health records to the court and agreed to drug, alcohol and psychological testing if necessary.

Kate was ordered to pay $7,500 for the evaluation within five days after the agreement was signed in early February.

In October, Kate opened up about Ryder, telling People magazine, "Ryder’s a great kid. But, you know, he’s 12. So it’s all changing and starting. It’s a beautiful time. I feel like seeing him now is the most amazing thing because you’re really starting to understand and see their character as they get to this age.”

Kate and Chris were married from 2000-2007.