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John Legend Defends Chrissy Teigen's Sleeping at the Oscars

John Legend Defends Chrissy Teigen's Sleeping at the Oscars

Last night, John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen stepped out to premiere his WGN series “Underground,” where he spoke about her snoozing at the Oscars.

Chrissy was caught on camera sleeping as Casey Affleck accepted his Oscar. The moment briefly went viral, but didn’t get much attention after the Best Picture snafu.

During a chat with “Extra,” John defended his wife, saying, “They caught her in a moment. She’s a mom, you know, she's a new mom and, you know, sometimes that can wear you out.”

John, as part of the “La La Land” team, was onstage at the Oscars after his film was accidentally announced as Best Picture. “Obviously, we had a crazy end to the night… We were so proud of the team.” He added, “I’m proud we are part of it. I’m also happy for ‘Moonlight.'”

This “Underground” event was an exciting one for Legend, who executive-produced the series about the 19th century Underground Railroad network, and who also makes a cameo in the project. He hinted about a big storyline in the new season, commenting, “Harriet Tubman is obviously a name that has been in the news… We are happy to have her included this season."

Legend will play Fredrick Douglass for one episode, sharing, “These are real stories.”