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How Steve Harvey Celebrated the Biggest Oscars Blunder Ever

How Steve Harvey Celebrated the Biggest Oscars Blunder Ever

Steve Harvey is feeling vindicated after his Miss Universe flub last year.

Earlier this morning, “Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Steve, who revealed what was going through his mind watching the Oscars when the wrong winner was announced for Best Picture. “I felt really good and warm and fuzzy on the inside,” he said. "I actually lit a cigar and got a glass of scotch and celebrated.”

"I was sitting there going, ‘Yeah, okay,' ‘cause, you know, for a whole year I've been hearing, 'Oh, how could he? Oh, my God! No one ever does that That's a mistake! How did he do that? That's ridiculous…' Okay, the granddaddy of them all, the Oscars, and they handed that guy the wrong envelope…boy, do I know that feeling."

Breaking down what happened, Steve said, “[Faye Dunaway] disappeared and Warren didn't even read the wrong name, but when he walked back up to do the apology he became the guy — the lady read the name and then she just left!”

Saying he knows just how they feel, Steve pointed out, “People have read the wrong name a thousand times — it's just you never see it 'cause it's not live, but boy, when it's live, that was one of the greatest moments of television for me in my entire life, watching them.”

The TV host doesn’t think Warren Beatty is handling it well, arguing, “He's old -school, he's not used to social media backlash — I'm an expert.”

Harvey is looking forward to having “Gary from Chicago” on his talk show, despite the news that he is a convicted felon. Harvey said of the tourist who grabbed Hollywood’s attention at the star-studded ceremony, “He just got out of prison, been out three days, he walks into the Oscars and he hits the jackpot, man. It was really a great story.”

Harvey is also fired up about the next season of his other hit show, “Little Big Shots.” He teased, “We just went out and got even bigger acts. We got people now looking for us… Tapes just flooded in from all over the world. It’s gonna be like Season One on steroids.”