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Mandy Moore & Justin Hartley Dish on ‘This Is Us’ Tearjerker

Mandy Moore & Justin Hartley Dish on ‘This Is Us’ Tearjerker

It is the show everyone is buzzing about today — “This Is Us” hit viewers with its most powerful episode yet last night, and “Extra” was with two of the show’s stars, getting all the reactions and dropping clues about what's next.

Millions of fans were floored as Sterling K. Brown’s character, Randall, said his final good-bye to his biological dad, William, played by Ron Cephas Jones. Last night, Mandy Moore was with “Extra” at the Costume Designers Guild Awards, just moments before the tearjerker aired. She gushed over the portrayals by her co-stars. “Those two actors just are spellbinding, and they're really masters at their craft.” Mandy admitted she cried over the story, saying, “I openly wept reading the episode, and watching it I, like, nearly hyperventilated.” She hinted that fans should brace themselves with tissues and a big glass of wine before watching.

Everyone is now bracing for the death of Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia. The big questions are: How and when? The show has already dropped hints that his alcohol abuse could play a factor. Mandy revealed, “You're not going to find out anything about Jack's death before the season is done. Yeah, I think that’s, like, we're going to tell that story down the road.”

On Tuesday, Justin Hartley caught up with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway. Though everyone wants to know how Jack dies, Justin is one of the few who knows. He said, “I will tell you… we won't let you down… It's off the charts; it's so sad I can't even talk about it — I'll start crying.” As for history line with ex-wife Sophie (Alex Breckenridge), he shared, “Here's the thing about spoilers that I've learned: People think they want to know, and you guys don't want to know, 'cause then you're gonna be like, 'That damn Justin ruined it for me!’"