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Lester Holt’s #1 Fan Is 7 Years Old!

Lester Holt’s #1 Fan Is 7 Years Old!

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt had no idea that one of his biggest fans is a child!

Jaden, 7, on his way to Disneyland in California, was being interviewed at Portland International Airport by reporter Drew Carney of NBC affiliate KGW, and caught the reporter off guard. Jaden said to Carney, "I was wondering. I didn't really see you on TV that much. Lester Holt? Usually, you see him more on the news than you." Jaden then walked away.

Carney joked about Jaden’s exit, saying, “If he had the mic, he would've dropped it right there!”

When Jaden was asked if he could say any one thing to Holt, he replied, “I would like to say... if he could come to my house once... I would want to see all the things he has reported."

Not only did Holt post about how it touched him, he also took to Twitter after they were able to meet.

Holt arranged for Jaden and his family to visit him at NBC Studios at 30 Rock, and gave them a studio tour. Jaden was able to operate cameras, read from the prompter, visit the control room, and sit in the director’s chair. The boy is also an avid violin player and had the chance to perform for Holt, who subsequently returned the favor by teaching him a few things on the electric bass.