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Jimmy Kimmel Clears the Air on Retirement Comments

Jimmy Kimmel Clears the Air on Retirement Comments

Jimmy Kimmel has found himself answering the question of whether or not he is retiring – and it’s all because he brought it up!

“Extra’s” Charissa Thompson caught up with the Oscar host to set the record straight. “Well, it’s funny because now I’ve had to say, 'No, I’m not retiring,” he shared. “I don’t know, it’s something that got, you know how it is… you say one little thing and then it gets blown up. I guess I should be flattered that people care. Most of my staff cares. Well, yeah, I don’t know what America would do without me.”

Kimmel went on to explain why he won’t be leaving late-night television anytime soon. “I’m under contract doing the show at least until 2020, unless something terrible happens, so I plan to be there, but who knows, in three years – three years is a long time. You know, it’s a lot of shows. Yes, I still enjoy doing the show, but that’s 600 shows from now, so we’ll see. Hopefully, I’ll still have a head of steam and I’ll want to keep doing it, but who knows? Maybe not.”

Jimmy is the only host to host both the Emmys and the Oscars in the same year. “I think what you’re seeing here is... I don’t like to plan ahead too far,” he joked. “It partly helps, because I just hosted the Emmys, but it also doesn’t help in that, first of all, you’re focused on an award show, what are you going to do on an awards show? You go through all of the ideas you have and you pick the best ones, and then somebody says, ‘Okay, now you’re hosting the Oscars.’ Like, what? I just picked the best ones!”