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Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex Fires Back After Her Shocking Allegations

Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex Fires Back After Her Shocking Allegations

On Friday, news broke that Lisa Marie Presley and ex-husband Michael Lockwood’s twins were taken away after Lisa reportedly found “disturbing” photos and videos on his computer.

In court papers obtained by “Extra,” Lisa claimed that she was was "shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach” after she allegedly discovered shocking photos and videos of children. In response to the allegations, Lockwood told DailyMail.com, "I am disgusted that (she) described unproven allegations about me… in a declaration that she filed in this court’s publicly accessible records. As I experienced during our more than 10-year marriage and as I believe this court will learn (Presley) has great difficulty being honest and she rarely, if ever, accepts personal responsibility for her own wrongdoing.”

He went on, "It is particularly distasteful that (she) has placed more value on trying to damage my reputation than on the fact that her false statements may be brought to our daughters’ attention.”

His legal team commented on the accusations, telling “Extra” on Friday, "Mr. Lockwood and his lawyers believe that it is very unfortunate and inappropriate that Ms. Presley chose to file a one-sided, inaccurate version of the facts in the Family Law Court’s publicly accessible files. Ms. Presley and her lawyers undoubtedly knew that their highly sensational, inaccurate and unproven claims would be of great interest to the media, which would disseminate Ms. Presley’s inaccurate story as a result. To make matters worse, Ms. Presley failed to disclose very important information in the papers she filed in the Family Law Court and the things she failed to disclose are directly related to her inflammatory claims against Mr. Lockwood. Mr. Lockwood is not going to publicly disclose very negative information about Ms. Presley to retaliate. Mr. Lockwood and his lawyers did not choose to litigate these personal matters in the press. Therefore, while Mr. Lockwood denies the truth of what Ms. Presley chose to put in the press, he has no further statement at this time."

After the news broke, the Beverly Hills Police Department released their own statement to “Extra," saying, “In June 2016, the Beverly Hills Police Department was notified of alleged child abuse involving the Presley family. It was then quickly determined the allegations stemmed from activity originating in the state of Tennessee.”

“Additionally, the Beverly Hills Police Department served a search warrant at a residence in the city of Beverly Hills that led to the seizure of several items pursuant to the warrant. It is believed there is no criminal activity related to these allegations in the City of Beverly Hills.”

The police are currently working with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on the “open investigation.”

The court date has been scheduled for next month to determine how to proceed.