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‘It' Girl Bella Hadid Talks Life on the Runway — and the Nerves!

‘It' Girl Bella Hadid Talks Life on the Runway — and the Nerves!

Bella Hadid is the definition of “It” girl… and this week she is strutting it down the runway for New York Fashion Week!

Sitting down with “Extra’s” fashion guru, O Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman, Bella opened up about life on the catwalk. She told Adam she still gets nervous walking the runway, explaining, “I don't get nervous once I'm actually out there, but seconds before, it gets pretty nerve-racking.”

While she is out there modeling, she told Adam, her mind "goes completely blank, and I just focus on not falling and walking in a straight line.” Bella has actually fallen in the past, sharing, “I fell once last season.” It was at the Michael Kors show, but she handled it with grace.

When she isn’t working, she described her style as, "Just chic and cool and comfortable. If I want to wear sweatpants and heels, I will.”

Bella is now partnering with Tag Heuer, “I always loved the brand.” For the new ad campaign, she put on her boxing gloves, revealing she does, in fact, box, “I do box… People definitely box better than I do, but I like to and I try to.”

Of course, we couldn’t let her go without a little “Extra” Rapid-Fire Quiz!

When Adam asked, “Who has more fun? Blondes or brunettes?" Bella pointed to herself, saying, “Brunettes.”

As for her perfect date night, Bella answered, “What about candlelight, dinner and pizza?”

Though some people may check out a guy’s abs first, the first thing Bella notices are “eyes."

Bella shared that she prefers weekdays to weekends. “I work all the time. I don't really have weekends.”